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5 Reasons Why Employers Should Offer a Group Legal Plan*

Business leaders often proclaim that their employees are their most valued asset. The Harvard Business Review uses the term “inner work life effect” to describe how the continuous flow of emotions, perceptions, and motivations that individuals experience while at work affects their performance. To the extent that employees are distracted by their personal situations, they are not spending their mental energies on the work they are performing.

Additionally, they contend that the more valued an employee feels the more likely they are to go the extra mile for their employer.

Offering a group legal plan, such as the Family Protection Plan from Legal Club, can help in these areas. Knowing their employer cares enough to offer such a useful benefit helps an employee feel valued and having access to legal plan benefits can minimize personal distractions in situations such as:

  1. When an employee receives a traffic citation.
    Traffic Ticket Defense is available at a deeply discounted rate to reduce traffic ticket penalties, negotiate alternative penalties, and/or dismiss the citation altogether.
  2. When an employee buys a home.
    Buying a home is often the largest and most significant purchase a person will make in their life. It also involves the law of real property, which is unique and raises special issues of practice, and problems not present in other transactions. An attorney looking out for and protecting the buyer’s interests can avoid costly pitfalls and make the experience less stressful.
  3. When an employee experiences Identity Theft.
    The Family Protection Plan also provides preventative identity theft monitoring, as well as complete identity restoration and $1 million in identity theft insurance in the event of an issue.
  4. When an employee experiences family matters that require a legal filing or must be pursued in court.
    Laws regarding divorce, adoption, elder law, child support and other family matters often require the skill and expertise of an attorney. Legal Club’s Plan not only provides access to such attorneys, but also provides discounted rates on legal services like name change and simple divorce, as well as a wide-ranging selection of free and discounted self-service forms that can be downloaded to create legally valid documents.
  5. When an employee needs to address estate planning and Wills.
    Whether preparing for the future or dealing with the aftermath of someone passing, The Family Protection Plan from Legal Club provides benefits that can go a long way to help deal with the distribution of assets and legacy wishes, as well as help heirs pay substantially less in taxes, fees, and court costs.

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The Your Benefits Plus Money Matters Perk Pack offers Legal Services – Family as one of its many benefits. The family legal plan enables you to have a legal expert review documents, help you set up your corporation, act as your state-registered agent, make calls and follow-up calls, write letters and other documents on your behalf, consult with you on arising legal matters, and represent you on out-of-court and in-court legal hearings. Services are offered in every field of law and are either free or discounted. Click to learn more about Money Matters or the Legal Services – Family benefit.


*“Legal Club: 5 Reasons Why Employers Should Offer a Group Legal Plan.” Legal Club , 1 Nov. 2020, www.legalclub.com/blog-201101.html.

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