Business Strategy

The entrepreneurial spirit of small business is all about individuals and teams taking their passions and dreams and creating thriving enterprises. Knowing what you want to accomplish and having the ability to articulate what success looks like will make your vision more clear. Take time to work on your business and not just in your business by spending quality time creating a plan to achieve your success. When you are developing your business strategy, eliminate plans or steps that won’t advance you and your small business. Even if it is a brilliant idea, if it isn’t relevant to your goal, it is a waste of time. Here are four tips to kick-off the overall strategy of your business.

Prepare Yourself for Success

Your passion for what you wanted to create was the catalyst for your business. Remember to nurture that passion and keep it going through the hard times of running your business. Invest in time away from your business to keep your vision fresh. Read, meet with a mentor, or go to a conference to enrich and refresh your mind. You need to step back from the day-to-day responsibilities to set your vision for the future, to plan, to strategize, and think about growth.

Invest in Marketing

When budgets get tight and challenges arise, typically one of the first things small business owners want to do is cut marketing. Do Not Do This! Without marketing you have no customers, no customers mean no sales and no sales means you no longer have a business. Invest in your marketing, especially digital marketing because it is the most cost-efficient way to reach new and existing customers.

Live by Your Business’ Purpose, Values and Mission Statements

Every successful entrepreneur needs a motivated team that’s already bought-in, not sold-in, to the company’s vision. As the leader, make sure the vision is clear. Employees, and even the leader, can lose sight of the direction the business is going. If someone on your team doesn’t share the purpose, values or mission, they need to go away – no matter how smart they are.

Ask for Help from the Experts

Know when to ask for help. There is no shame in asking for an expert opinion and advice. Doing so may help you avoid costly mistakes.

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