About Your Benefits Plus

Your Benefits Plus is a valuable resource to small businesses and the self-employed, a partner you can trust to look after your unique needs. Whether you have one employee, or ten or more, we offer package solutions that provide business products and services you can use every day. Your Benefits Plus can also help you provide additional benefits for your employees (including yourself) without having to spend a fortune. Review our packaged offerings and choose the one that fits your needs.

Who we are.

Your Benefits Plus is the leading national association providing resources for small and micro businesses, and the self-employed. This vital segment of the American economy comprises 99% of all firms and 48% of all employees. Your Benefits Plus membership allows business owners to utilize savings on services, products, and access to resources that support the growth and success of their business. We also pride ourselves on providing a broad range of benefits to help small businesses compete in a marketplace increasingly dominated by large corporations.

What does Your Benefits Plus offer members?

Your Benefits Plus offers comprehensive support for small businesses and the self-employed. We are here to be your resource in a crowded field and accomplish this in two ways:

Value-Added Benefits

Your Benefits Plus members enjoy access to a wide variety of value-added benefits, making large corporate perks available to businesses of all sizes. Through our collective buying power, members are able to access these products at a significantly discounted rate. From health and wellness, to tax preparation and legal services, Members have direct access to benefits to help them grow and succeed. Some membership packages provide access to insurance products*, including medical coverages, term life, vision, and dental plans. Our members are as varied as their businesses, and Your Benefits Plus has a Membership package to meet your needs.

Education and Resources

We understand that business owners who “sign the front of checks” have limited time to browse endless online articles. Members have access to consultants, articles, and resources online that are focused and relevant. Some membership packages provide consulting on topics like starting a new business or growing an existing one, buying or selling a business, choosing the best legal and tax structure for asset protection and tax minimization, small business retirement plans, and dealing with government regulations to prepare you to obtain and protect your intellectual property. Beyond consulting, members also have unlimited access to more articles and resources online in our resource center.